Rose Veal

We always use bull calves from dairy farms as they are a by-product of the dairy industry and we pride ourselves on being able to give the calves a life. We source from Dairy Farms who are on a 'high health' scheme which allows us to be certain the calves have been with their mums allowing them to get the colostrum. The calves come to us at around 10 days old and are kept in small batches of about 3, allowing social contact, and are hand reared on milk until they are aproximately 3 months old. During that time they are introduced to grain and haylage diet. The calves are reared until they are at least 8 months old, which is much older than spring lamb.
Where possible the calves are out as a herd in fields around the farm. This is weather dependant.  When this is not possible they are kept in small herds in a well ventilated shed,.

bedded on straw. 

Welfare is so important to us.

Our 6 Point Promise:
* A balanced and nutritious diet
* A warm dry bed
* The right to range free and graze when appropriate
* Ample social contact with other animals
* Prompt treatment of illness or injury
* A life free of unnecessary stress

All this care results in ethical welfare-friendly veal. Deep colour and delicious sweet flavour.